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LQ-DP (LED 双面吊牌灯箱)

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LQ-DP (LED 双面吊牌灯箱) Others
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外壳: 镀锌板, 不锈钢激光切割镂空, 汽车漆喷漆20mm进品乳白亚克力发光条

Material Structure
Shell: galvanized sheet, stainless steel, laser cutting, hollowed out, automobile Lacquer spray paint, 20mm acrylic luminous strip

光源: 台湾晶元LED芯片
LED Source: Taiwan brand LED chip

电源: 进口元器件内置吊牌内
Power Supply: Imported component, Built-in Power Supply

配件: 钢丝, 吊杆, 圆码
Accessories: Steel Wire, Suspender Hanging System

双面发光, 双面导光, 超薄外观, 悬空安装, 远距离找到喜欢的产品, 提升用户体验, 加快交易进程, 也给门店起到装潢效果, 亮度高.均匀.立体感强, 提高店铺档次。
Advantage: Double sided light emitting, double side light guiding, ultra thin appearance, suspended installation, Long distance to find it, enhance user experience plus Fast trading process, but also to store the effect of decoration, bright Uniformity and improve shop appearance.

长度: 1200mm 厚度: 25mm
宽度: 350mm 功率: 42W

Dimension Parameter:
Length: 1200mm Thickness: 25mm
Width: 350mm Power: 42W

注: 以上为常规尺寸, 可定做尺寸
Note: The above is the regular size, can be customized size 4cm

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